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President Lyndon B. Johnson speaks with Kentuckians, 1964.

United Rural Democrats was founded in September 2020 to provide rural Democrats with the support they need to organize effectively. Strong candidates in traditionally "red" parts of our country had not been getting the resources they needed to compete.


United Rural Democrats (URD) is focused on rebuilding Democratic investment in rural political infrastructure. A lot of our rural neighbors are open to the ideas of the Democratic party, but are disengaged by classic party messaging. We seek to combat this, ending rural isolation and building community trust. We continue to work with campaigns and candidates all across the nation in our fight to cut rural America in on the deal. 

This year we are focused on supporting our endorsed candidates financially. If you’re interested in learning more about our endorsed candidates, you can learn more about them here. To support our work, you can donate here.


If you are a candidate for public office in the United States or work for such a campaign and would like to be considered for an endorsement, please send an email to with the subject line "Endorsement Request."

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